How Big Does Your Castle Have To Be?

For the longest time I operated under the mantra, “idle hands are the devil’s playground”. I pushed myself to work harder. Keep working out, keep working 3 jobs. I could rest when I die.

In the days leading up to the fateful acupuncture session, I was practicing yoga 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day and learning self-defense. My leg was hurting, and I thought that I needed to work harder and stretch it out. It turns out, I was feeling the physical manifestation of stress. If I would have just chilled out, the pain would have gone away.

I don’t fault competent and moral practitioners of acupuncture.

So, while I acknowledge that acupuncture has its place, I prefer hands off methods.

How many hours have you toiled away at your craft at the expense of your health and family? My point is that you must learn how to rest. One hour per day, one day per week.

When I say rest, I mean sit on your ass and do nothing. Literally, nothing. Stay in your jammies all day, lay on the couch, order pizza and watch tv. No working out, no business calls, nothing. It will be hard.

In my yoga certification, the instructor challenged us to take a class and lay there in meditation not taking part in class at all. It was almost impossible. I could hear the instructor calling out poses that I loved, and my spirit was twisting with the class. When my instructor asked how the class went, I told her I had big time fear of missing out.

We are conditioned to worker harder and faster, or we will lose everything. But how many days were missed because of illness or injury?

I read tons of stories online about how people are drinking their coffee and multitasking. Stop that. I believe coffee is to be consumed in a slow leisurely manner. Otherwise, you will become one of those people who chugs a gallon of coffee to make it through the day.

If you have kids, especially ones that have trouble getting up, tell them to get up and go ride bikes or play, within mom and dad’s sight, while mom and dad sit on the porch and sip coffee.

Wine and weed are also to be consumed in this manner. Think about it. The average person comes home and rolls a blunt or pours several glasses of wine to cope with their day. These things should be consumed in a leisurely manner. Otherwise, one easily becomes two or three and eventually, a coping mechanism. And yes, I can tell you the best time to smoke weed.

My feeling on the subject is that if you are rocking sobriety, good for you. I will support you. If you choose to imbibe, that is ok as well.

Let’s be honest. No matter how awesome you are, you will have some sort of stress. A glass of wine or blunt is meant to be like savasana, a signal to the body it’s time to chill.

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