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Updated: Mar 5

For my first blog, I am going to tell you a little bit about my methods.

I found this diet when my own health was fading. I was showing symptoms of Celiac’s Disease and Diabetes, caused by an acupuncture session gone wrong.

Everything I ate would trigger a painful allergic reaction causing me to retain a lot of water. At that point in my life, I was practicing yoga, jogging, riding horses, in short, I was very active. As a trained chef, I was eating lean meats such as turkey and fish, abstaining from red meat and processed foods. Suddenly, the foods I was eating would trigger the allergy.

Then, I found the blood type diet. From there, with my knowledge in “alternative therapies” such as yoga, I was able to put the pieces of the diet puzzle together. I was able to study the basis for acupuncture, the Wu Xing, and use it to heal my body, and also, mind.

One of the hardest things for me to do was eat lamb. Like I said, I hadn’t eaten red meat in years. It was hard. I cried. You may ask, why? Just don’t eat it. It seemed simple but my health was failing and there were only about six foods I could eat without reaction and lamb was one of them. So, my point is that sometimes we must let go.

Two of the foods I do not recommend for people are chicken and pork. I experimented on myself and found that when I consumed chicken, it would cause my blood sugar to tank and I would be irrationally angry. As in take on an army angry. If you choose to consume these foods, I will tell when it is best to eat them.

To start, I need to know your blood type and Rh factor. From there I can create a reasonable diet plan. My diet plan also leaves room for alcohol and a sweet treat, everything in moderation. But, as you change your diet habits, you will find your reliance on emotional eating and drinking to excess will lessen. I don’t just give you a diet and send you on your way, I will examine the foods you tend to crave and explain why you crave them.

Sometimes, we overeat because of emotions but sometimes we overeat because there is a nutritional need, or to be blunt, there is a sexual need that should be addressed.

I use a variety of resources that I will lay out for you. I am going to change the way you eat. It will be challenging at first but it becomes easier and more important as you realize the benefits. It takes practice.

I am not a doctor and I don’t pretend to be. I do not diagnosis disease, that’s for professionals. I do use basic tools, like the four temperaments, to help with minor problems. I also use the quality of dreams to see where your diet is lacking or abundant. I am not going to tell you what you should weigh. You need to decide, what is your body size comfort level?

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